Reasons Your Construction Site Needs Portable Restrooms

Updated: Jun 21

Reasons Your Construction Site Needs Portable Restrooms

Construction requires long hours of hard work and, unfortunately, nature often calls during work hours. As a vital component to keeping morale high and maintaining the basic care of your workers, there are many reasons your construction site needs portable restrooms. Let’s go through them to understand why they’re such a necessity when some construction foremen choose to have their workers seek out public facilities.

The Restroom Dilemma

As we mentioned, there is often a “restroom dilemma” that comes with construction sites. Many foremen think it’s worth saving money by skipping the restrooms and having their workers seek out public facilities. Unfortunately, this isn’t as beneficial as one may think. By seeking out public facilities, your workers spend more time away from the construction site which will cost you more money in the long run. After all, time is money.

A portable restroom trailer will keep your workers on-site and cut down on how much time they have to spend going to and from the bathroom if they must leave the site every time.

Increasing Productivity

Speaking of keeping your workers on-site, this will create a more productive working environment and happier workers. If you can demonstrate that you actually care about their wellbeing, the happier your employees are, the greater their morale, and the more productive they’ll become. It’s give and take—you take care of their needs, and they’ll be more compelled to give back and perform better.

It’s the Law

Finally, the best reason your construction site needs portable restrooms is that it’s simply the law. OSHA regulations require employers to provide access to restrooms for their employees. Not only does a lack of restrooms on-site potentially hinders your workers’ health, but you may face fines or other consequences if your construction site lacks basic necessities for your workers.

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